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Download A Comparative History of Commerce and Industry, Volume I: by David E. McNabb PDF

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By David E. McNabb

A Comparative historical past of trade and undefined, quantity I deals a subjective assessment of ways the cultural, social and monetary associations of trade and advanced in industrialized countries to supply the establishment we now comprehend as company enterprise.

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For the several hundred years following 1500, it was China and the Islamic nations that were the leaders in science and invention, not Europe. However, once the West took the lead, it never gave it back. Only in the last quarter century have Asian nations begun to retake their ancient lead in discovery and global economic leadership Easy access to their own natural resources, such as coal in Great Britain and Germany, or to other sources at reasonable cost, such as C o m m e r c e a n d T r a d e i n E a r ly C i v i l i z at i o n 19 from colonies, has often been mentioned as a reason for growth taking off in the West.

Trade became an English preoccupation, and the constant concern both of parliament and the king’s government. Trade was wealth and wealth was power. Both parliament and the king agreed that trade was the primary cause of England’s growing wealth. Extremely rich and varied, trade was based on things grown on English soil and processed or manufactured in the homes and cottages of English farm workers, in addition to an increasing quantity of products imported from England’s colonies and re-exported to continental markets.

2. What was feudalism? How did it influence early trade? 3. How did the power of tradition shape early commerce and industry? 4. How did discovery change the way commerce and industry was conducted in much of the known world? 5. What was the role of science and invention in the growth of early business? 4 Pa r t I I E n t re pre n e u ri a l C o m merce a nd Industry in Great Britain 4 Chapter 3 Foun dat i o n s o f C o m m e rce a nd Industry in Britain T o understand how and why Great Britain came to be a great trading nation and the first country to make the shift from an agricultural to an industrial economy, one must begin with its position as an island nation.

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