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By J. R. Partington

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8 August 1685): Tliomson, (i), i, 244. , 4°, London, 1757, 480; R. Pococke, Description of the East and Some other Countries, 2 vols. P , London, 1743, i (Observations on Egypt), 259-60, plate LXXI 56 CHEMISTRY IN F R A N C E . ^ Tournefort’s book on materia medica was first published posthumously in English. ^ Following the note on sal ammoniac by L. Lemery in 1716,^ C. J. ® In 1718^ C. J.

I. 45’- cum exhalatione fcetidissimi vaporis, si solutio fit in vase angusti colli; accenditur enim, & violentissime disjicit vasa. * Wasserberg, Imtitutiones Chemicae, Regnum minerale, Vienna, 1778, i, 184: vas ipsum impetu maximo, horrendo fragore in millena frustra disjecerunt. , terrore vix non mortuus, pallidus, infelix experimenti imitatur. ); C (d), 1720, 115; Roscoe and Schorlemmer, 1923, ii, 1283; Fourcroy, (i), vi, 171, says Bucquet could not repeat the experiment, * De la Recherce de la Verite, 1674; 4°, Paris, 1678, 137.

Affinitc’; J. C. Fischer, 1803, iv, 78-81. E. F. G E O F F R O Y 55 affinity and attraction and defined the former as ‘the force with which bodies of different nature tend to unite’, refers to extensions of Geoffroy’s tables by Grosse (1730), Gellert (1750), Rudiger (1756), Limbourg (1758), Marherr (1762), de Fourcy (1773),' Demachy (1774), Bergman (1775), Erxleben (1775), Weigel (1775), Wenzel (1777), and Wiegleb (1781). Grosse’s table with 19 columns is in a collection of dissertations^ which mentions a larger table in Clausier’s translation of Quincy’s Phartnacopceia.

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