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By Stephen Pollard

This ebook is predicated on premises: one can't comprehend philosophy of arithmetic with out figuring out arithmetic and one can't comprehend arithmetic with out doing arithmetic. It attracts readers into philosophy of arithmetic by way of having them do arithmetic. It bargains 298 routines, overlaying philosophically vital fabric, provided in a philosophically expert method. The workouts supply readers possibilities to recreate a few arithmetic that might remove darkness from vital readings in philosophy of arithmetic. subject matters contain primitive recursive mathematics, Peano mathematics, Gödel's theorems, interpretability, the hierarchy of units, Frege mathematics and intuitionist sentential good judgment. The booklet is meant for readers who comprehend simple homes of the average and actual numbers and feature a few historical past in formal logic.

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So it follows from our conception of the natural numbers that each of them is named by a numeral of PA when these numerals are interpreted in the standard way (with ‘0’ naming 0 and ‘S’ expressing the successor operation). For example, the number obtained from 0 by 15 application of S is named by the numeral consisting of an occurrence of ‘0’ preceded by 15 occurrences of ‘S’. The standard numbers are 0 and all the numbers obtainable from 0 by finitely many applications of S: that is, exactly the numbers named by our numerals.

So there can be no such interpretation. That is, PA is unsatisfiable: it is logically impossible for an interpretation to make all the axioms of PA true; it is logically impossible for PA to have a model. So PA 0=0 and, hence, by the Completeness Theorem, PA 0 = 0. 6 We reached this conclusion by first supposing that PA completely captures our concept of the natural numbers. So our grand conclusion is: PA completely captures our concept of the natural numbers only if PA is inconsistent. If PA is consistent, it is incomplete.

15 Our proof is by induction. 10 give us: ||| · (a + |) = ||| · (| + a) = (||| · |) · a = || · a = |. 6 and an inductive hypothesis, ¨ = ||| · S(a + π) ¨ = pr ed(||| · (a + π)) ¨ = pr ed(|) = |. 11, S(a) · (a + b) = (S(a) · a) · b = | · b = |. 8, (S(a + b) · a) = (a + S(b)) · a = (S(b) + a) · a = S(b). 15 let us reason as follows id(a, a + b) = |||| · (| + S(b)) = (|||| · |) · S(b) = ||| · S(b) = ||| · (b + |) = |. 19 As an inductive hypothesis, we assume that id(a, π) ¨ + id(id(a, π), ¨ |) = |||.

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