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By Hebe de Azevedo Biagioni

This ebook offers an easy creation to a nonlinear conception of generalized services brought through J.F. Colombeau, which supplies a desiring to any multiplication of distributions. This conception extends from natural arithmetic (it provides a loyal generalization of the classical conception of C? services and gives a synthesis of so much latest multiplications of distributions) to physics (it allows the solution of ambiguities that seem in items of distributions), passing in the course of the idea of partial differential equations either from the theoretical standpoint (it furnishes an idea of vulnerable resolution of pde's resulting in existence-uniqueness ends up in many instances the place no distributional resolution exists) and the numerical perspective (it introduces new and effective equipment built lately in elastoplasticity, hydrodynamics and acoustics). this article offers simple thoughts and effects which formerly have been merely released in article shape. it truly is in- tended for mathematicians yet, because the thought and purposes aren't dissociated it could actually even be beneficial for physicists and engineers. The wanted must haves for its analyzing are primarily lowered to the classical notions of differential calculus and the speculation of integration over n-dimensional euclidean spaces.

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H o w e v e r , but non trivial, proof, shows that this condition necessary. More precisely , if t ~ ~0 (t) belongs ~o a n e v e n f u n c t i o n , then the map x ~ ~o ( ] x I E C®(En ) . n. deg(Pj)=m for basis all of E n- j, such as r -* O. that Pj(x) D~(x ~ f(Ixlz ))(x)= ~ n f~J)(IxlE ) j:l n ix[2m-J E n for x~ 2 - Let Lemma If O. n. an f(J)(r)=O basis = o(Ixlz ) (r s - j ) of E n then as Ixl~ n Proof of the remainder to asser%ion : Applying ~0 0, we h a v e around r 2~ - - ~o~ k r 2 ~o ( 0 ) + .

Equality in @(~) is very strict (note that it coincides with the equality of C ® f u n c t i o n s ) . H o w e v e r , there s o m e w e a k e r k i n d of e q u a l i t y , which also generalizes exactly is the equality of d i s t r i b u t i o n s and reconciles the new product @(~)) of continuous functions w i t h the c l a s s i c a l product. (in We call "association" t h i s w e a k e r k i n d of e q u a l i t y . As a faithful generalization of e q u a l i t y of d i s t r i b u t i o n s , it is n o t c o h e r e n t with the multiplication.

However it p l a y s a b a s i c role in all the theory a n d its a p p l i c a t i o n s . This dissociation between the equality in @ ( ~ ) (coherent with the multiplication) and the association (incoherent with the multiplication) is a k e y of Colombeau's theory and is a main originality relatively to classical analysis. 1 We complez such - say numbe~ that, different f r o m t h e s y m b o l of equality, one t h a t it is a g e n e r a l i z a t i o n of t h e c l a s s i c a l if and distributions.

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