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Download A Woman's Journey Through the Philippines by Florence Kimball Russel PDF

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By Florence Kimball Russel

Even if we're deciding on it up, or paying it out; if it is mendacity inert, coil upon coil, within the tanks like a few nice gorged anaconda, or gliding alongside the propelling equipment into another tank, or off into the ocean at our bow or stern; no matter if the dynamometer exhibits its pressure to be nice or small; no matter if we're grappling for it, or underrunning it; if it is a shore finish to be landed, or a deep-sea splice to be made, the cable is bound to advance so much alarming signs, and a few discovered surgeon needs to regularly sit down within the testing-room, his finger at the cable's pulse, taking its temperature now and then as though it have been a fractious baby with a foul assault of measles, the eruption as a consequence being faults or breaks or leakages or kinks. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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It seemed such a small thing, the fault, only a little break in the armour wire, and yet it had induced the most severe nerve paralysis in that sentient thread of copper in the cable's centre. "Words and words of men" could not "flicker and flutter and beat" until the wound had been healed, which was promptly done, accompanied by vigorous language concerning the aforesaid careless manufacturer. Chapter VII 39 Chapter VII ZAMBOANGA Zamboanga! The very name brings back our first daylight glimpse of Mindanao's principal town--an adorable water-colour sketch, what with the soft, deep blue of sky and sea, the tropical freshness of green foliage, amidst which nestled picturesque white houses with overhanging balconies, the red and blue sails on the sunlit water, and to the right of the picture an old Spanish fort, gray and stern and forbidding.

In Luzon, during the rainy season, it is no uncommon sight to see natives casting their nets in the overflowed rice-fields, though perhaps but a few days before the ground there had been caked hard and dry from the sun. In this latter instance, it is more than probable that the fish do not walk back and forth, but bury themselves in the ground at the beginning of the hot season, remaining there until the Chapter VII 43 first rains call them out in great numbers. The Signal Corps found the trench at Tukuran a difficult problem in that it had to be dug down a very steep hill leading from the stone-enclosed fort to the beach, but by evening of the first day this was accomplished, and the shore end laid and buoyed.

No? Ah, that was too bad. But, yes, of course we could see the Santo Niño. People often came all the way from Manila just for that. And then we were taken into the clean, barely furnished drawing-room of the convento, where an anticipatory refreshment was served, the while we were regaled with a history of Cebu's famous image. This refection consisted of a wee glass of delicious Muscatelle apiece and some crisp, very rich cakes made by the sisters of a neighbouring convent, and as we ate and drank, a fat, jolly old padre, who thought he could speak English, tried to tell us about the Santo Niño in that language.

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