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By Karl Maramorosch

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TMV-L SI , on the other hand, did not spread outside the lesion at 32°C. They concluded t h a t L S I is a temperature-sensitive strain t h a t multiplies normally at the nonpermissive temperature but has a malfunction in cell-to-cell 34 HARRY MURAKISHI ET AL. movement. Epidermal cells stained with fluorescent antibody showed t h a t L S I multiplied in primary-infected cells but it could not move to the neighboring cells at the nonpermissive temperature. Leonard and Zaitlin (1982) found a protein associated with TMV-L but not with TMV-L SI .

A. a. a. a. Nicotiana tabac urn Durand et al. (1973); Frear­ son et al. (1973); Bind­ ing (1974) Frearson et al. (1973); Takebe et al. (1971) 4^· TABLE X Chloris stri­ ate mosaic virus Gramineae: Chloris gayana Wide host range: 44 plant families and over 300 spp. Hosts in­ clude Nicotiana tabacum, Petunia hybrida, Solanum tuber osum Euphorbiaceae: Manihot esculenta; Solanaceae: Petunia, hybrida Beet curly top virus Cassava la­ tent virus Legumi noseae: Phaseolus vulgaris, P. lunatus, Vigna, and other Legumes Host range (family: genus) Bean golden yellow mosaic virus Geminivirus Nesoclutha pallida (leafhopper) Bemisia tabaci (whitefly) Ciculifer tenellus (leafhopper) M; Bemesia tabaci (whitefly) Transmission 0 Protoplasts infected Francki et al.

1978). The nonexpression of the N-gene in in vitro -inoculated protoplasts from local lesion-responding tobacco was reexamined by Loebenstein et al. (1980), who found t h a t the presence of 2,4-D, routinely used in the incubation medium, enhanced TMV multiplication in N-gene pro­ toplasts. By incubating infected N-gene protoplasts in media lacking 2,4-D, they observed significantly less TMV in these protoplasts than in those from systemic tobacco. Although no necrosis was observed, this was interpreted by them as strengthening the hypothesis that suppression of virus multiplication and necrotization are two separate and distinct processes (Loebenstein, 1972).

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