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By Francesca Gould

This e-book is basically aimed toward scholars on point 2 and three good looks treatment and complementary treatment classes and fits the QCF specification. it really is appropriate for somebody taking a qualified good looks, complementary or activities path with awarding our bodies reminiscent of VTCT, ITEC, urban & Guilds, CIDESCO, and CIBTAC skills.

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If someone does this frequently, for instance if they work outdoors, over time the capillary walls may become weak, leading to permanently broken capillaries. These are also known as dilated capillaries or thread veins and are commonly seen on the cheeks and nose. Excessive alcohol consumption, hereditary factors, vigorous scrubbing to the face, excessive sun exposure and certain skin conditions can all result in broken capillaries. 41 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapists Air pollution from industry, car fumes, for example, harms the skin and causes dehydration.

6 Lymph capillaries carry a liquid substance called lymph (see the lymphatic system in Chapter 9). Like blood, lymph circulates throughout the body in tube-like structures. Subcutaneous layer The subcutaneous layer is situated below the dermis. It consists of 7 adipose tissue (fat) and areolar tissue. The adipose tissue helps to protect the body against injury and acts as an insulating layer against heat loss, helping to keep the body warm. The areolar tissue contains elastic fibres, making this layer elastic and flexible.

The inner eyelid and eyeball appear red and sore. It is caused by a bacterial infection following irritation to the eye, such as grit or dust entering the eye, and is further aggravated by rubbing. Pus is often present and may ooze from the area. Conjunctivitis is infectious, and cross-infection can occur through using contaminated towels or tissues. Impetigo This infection begins when bacteria invade a cut, cold sore or other broken skin. It can be seen as sores and weeping blisters that form golden/yellow-coloured crusts.

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