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By Stanislav Grof

Contemporary advances in various clinical disciplines have published the constraints of the Newtonian-Cartesian version of the universe. one of many fascinating elements of this improvement is the expanding convergence of technology and the "perennial philosophy." the recent learn has resulted in a serious revaluation of historical non secular structures lengthy neglected or rejected as a result of their assumed incompatibility with science.

Here are Swami Muktananda at the brain. Swami Prajnananda on Karma. Swami Kripananda at the Kundalini. Ajit Mookerjee at the Kundalini. Joseph Chilton Pearce on religious improvement. mom Teresa on love and repair. Jack Kornfield on Buddhism for american citizens. Fritjof Capra at the new paradigms. Rupert Sheldrake on morphic resonance. Karl Pribram at the holographic version. Claudio Naranjo on meditation, and more.

The papers during this booklet have been awarded on the 7th convention of the overseas Transpersonal organization held in Bombay. The ITA is a non-profit association that brings jointly participants of other nationalities, professions, and philosophical or non secular personal tastes who proportion within the view that there's a primary solidarity underlying all of humanity and the cloth world.

The hide picture is from the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of artwork within the Atkins Museum of excellent Arts, Kansas urban, Missouri.

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As useful approximations to reality, they should not be mistaken for correct descriptions of reality itself. The relationship between theory and the reality which it describes is like that between a map and territory in Korzybski's sense; 3 to confuse the two represents a violation of scientific thinkinga serious error in what is called logical typing. American anthropologist and generalist Gregory Bateson said that a person committing logical errors of this kind may one day eat the menu instead of the meal.

Various rites of passage of aboriginal cultures, ancient death-rebirth mysteries, spiritual healing ceremonies, shamanic practices and secret initiations are salient examples. 26 Another important source of fascinating data about transpersonal experiences is the young discipline of thanatology, the study of death and dying. 31 Sabom used a careful scientific approach to re-examine the claims of previous studies and ancient books of the dead that, following clinical death, many people have out-of-the-body experiences in which they accurately perceive near or remote events.

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